Institutional Structure

The Rusumo Falls Hydroelectric Project (RFP) will be owned by the Rusumo Power Company Limited (RPCL) established and owned by the three shareholder governments. The three ministers responsible for Energy in each of the shareholder countries shall be the representatives of the shareholders. Each shareholder shall appoint two directors to the board of RPCL. RPCL will to the extent possible be run on private sector arrangements.

The Board will also have an independent member appointed by the Shareholders from a list of names recommended by the nominee Board members.
After the Commercial Operations Date (COD), the Project will be managed under an O&M Contract between RPCL and a private operator that will be procured through an International Competitive Bidding (ICB) process.

The terms executing and implementing are specifically used in relation to the definitions below:

Execution refers to the overall management of the project and assumption of responsibility for achieving the substantive outcome of the project. The responsibility includes production of outputs, coordinating implementation of activities, and achievement of project objectives.

Implementation refers to the mobilisation, procurement and supply of project inputs, undertaking and delivery of project activities, and conversion of activities into measurable outputs.

Figure 1.1 shows the Rusumo Falls Hydroelectric Power Project proposed Organogram