Independent Panel of Experts (IPoE)

The Independent Panel of Experts (IPoE) carry out fiduciary assessment of project compliance with World Bank and relevant benchmarks; local and international. The IPoEs visit the project site regularly to provide technical guidance and expertise in the areas of social, resettlement, environment and communication. They share outcome reports with Rusumo PIU technical staff and these reports IPoE Report Dec 2013, IPoE Report Oct 2012 are published on project website for the wider stakeholder consultation.

 World Bank supervision missions:

As part of ensuring that the project meets international practice, the World Bank regularly undertakes supervision missions to guide Rusumo PIU staff on technical issues relating to the project. The Bank also undertakes the supervision missions to assess progress on ground and to be acquainted with issues that may emanate from project activities at various stages; notably preconstruction, construction and post construction stages. Refer to the PAD attached for further reading about the project World Bank PAD